OSSCORE – Ore Sorting Study from drill Cores

Mine On-Line Service completed a study funded by EIT Raw Materials.

A short description of the OSCCORE is below:

New digital scanning X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) elemental analysis technology and digital imaging technology enables digitizing geological information by providing accurate analysis of ore grade and location from drill core samples. This new method was used for studying how to separate ore from waste rock and acid bearing waste from clean waste rock by new pre-concentration methods e.g. ore sorting. The unique XRF-scanning of the drill core in short lengths done with the Scanmobile lab provides such in detail information of the ore deposit variability that can’t be achieved economically by any conventional laboratory analysis today.

The OSSCORE is recommended to be done at an early stage of exploration and mining projects. It increases the value of the mineral deposit and has a positive impact on project financing. Further the technology will enable small otherwise uneconomical mineral reserves to be used in an economical end environmentally friendly way.

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