Grade control in mining operations plays a key part in distinguishing ore and waste rock borders and in understanding the true ore grade, location and value. The Autosampler is operated from the drill cabin and it automates the sampling, sample splitting and sample bag change process. The system includes a new, highly accurate cone-type sample splitter and an innovative sample collection system which preserves the geological structure in the sample bag for detailed ore and waste border recognition and visual chips logging.


  • Automated drill chip sampler for R/C and blast hole drills

  • Taking representative physical samples from drill cuttings while drilling

  • Can be integrated and retrofitted on any drill

  • Automatic/driller controlled sample bag change from drill cabin

  • Unique Softcore™ sample bags enable visual logging of chips

  • Adjustable sample split ratio


  • Autosampler operations (sample change, sample number monitoring, no-sampling mode) are done by the drill rig operator from inside the rig cabin or from outside by a remote control unit.

  • The system is robust but light, about 50 kg, enabling fast and easy installation to existing drill rigs by bolts. The remote sample bag selector and sample splitting significantly reduces manual labor versus traditional sampling, thus liberating sampling geologists and drill helpers for more productive and possibly more motivated and safer work.

  • The splitter system with an adjustable splitting ratio produces highly representative and right sized samples for easy handling and further processing. The longitudinal SoftCore™ samples can be geologically logged visually for detailed ore and waste border positioning.