Scanmobile - Mobile  laboratory for drill core analysis.

Scanmobile is a mobile lab built in a utility truck (van) for analyzing elements minerals and rock quality  from drill cores on tray. The analysis results; elemental composition, minerals and RQD-value are reported via a remote logging web browser; Remolog™.


  • Elemental XRF analysis.

    • Fast turnaround time by XRF scanning of drill cores on trays.

    • High resolution information on cores by non-destructive analysis.

    • Less sample preparation, handling and logistics.

    • Enabling reactive drilling planning.

  • Core photography.

    • High resolution photos automatically acquired and managed.

    • Saves time in routine in data management.

  • Rock Quality Designation and mineral recognition.

    • Core fractures located and RQD-value automatically calculated.

    • Minerals identified by color analysis.

  • In built QA/QC system.

  • Remolog ™ web based remote logging and reporting browser.

  • Results available while drilling.

  • Elemental analysis, core pictures, RQD-value and minerals by color available before logging.

  • Cores can be logged and managed from remote locations in real time.

Scanmobile coretrays on feedtable.jpg
Scanmobile analysing drill cores at Loppi.jpg